We are staying in the USA for one year!

Here's a pic of us when we went to a party in the Hollywood Hills a few days ago

Here’s a pic of us when we went to a party in the Hollywood Hills a few days ago

Wowee…its been forever since we wrote our last blog, but hopefully you’ve all been following what we’ve been up to on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!

Our biggest news is….WE ARE STAYING IN LOS ANGELES FOR THE NEXT YEAR!! How exciting!!! We’re pleased to announce we have signed a management contract here in the US and will be spending the next 12 months touring, writing and recording!! We’ve also signed a management contract in the UK too – so we’re planning on hopefully travelling back and forth and getting some UK dates in the diary also – all to be announced very soon, but we’ll be based in Los Angeles while we carry on writing & recording with the awesome Wayne Vaughn of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Working with Wayne has been amazing so far… not only has he put together a mind-blowing band for our live show, he’s also produced the show, adding his own special brand of ‘Vaughn-funk’ :) Wayne’s main gig was Earth, Wind and Fire back in the day – but he’s also produced some amazing artistes. We seem to hear more stories every day but a few names like Stevie Wonder, Toto and the Jacksons have been casually mentioned!

The ‘Better Vision For Children’ benefit gig at The Mint was an unforgettable evening! We actually had to ‘pop back to England’ (as you do, haha) to do our visa interview, and everything (as it always seems to be in Lilly-land) happened last minute! We ended up being back in London for just over a week, and flying back to LA on the Thursday evening – straight back into rehearsals as soon as we were off the plane! We were exhausted – but so grateful because Wayne had put together the most amazing collection of LA’s session musicians you can imagine! These guys have played for Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire…just to name a few… and they sounded HOT! We will never forget the moment when we rushed to the studio after being on an 11 hour flight (somewhat delirious)…walked into a Hollywood rehearsal studios and heard this amazing band playing our music!! It was completely surreal…I don’t think you could wipe the smiles off our faces! :)

Our fabulous team of musicians at The Mint gig, and our manager Rus

Our fabulous team of musicians at The Mint gig, and our manager Rus

We also had the amazing Roy Brown on sound, who not only did sound for Earth, Wind and Fire also – but Janet Jackson and many other huge artistes. We have taken to calling Wayne ‘Daddy Vaughn’, as he looks after us so well…and Roy has now taken on the name ‘Uncle Roy’. Its been so amazing to be so welcomed and looked after by such music legends!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the gig and donated money to ‘Better Vision For Children’ – we are really excited to be working with this charity as they are doing fantastic work!

Anyway – video of the gig is coming in the next few days, so watch this space, and we’ll be announcing dates for the first leg of our US tour very soon!


Much love to you all, and thanks, as always, for all your support!

Sera & Frankie

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Our first week in Los Angeles

Soo….its been one whole week since we got here, and its gone soooooo fast!! We’ve been having all sorts of fun…mostly doing touristy things this week and getting settled rather than music stuff…although theres been a bit of that of course ;)

Check out this video which features all sorts of footage from our first week here!


We arrived last Wednesday late at night, and got settled in to our very cool apartment in WeHo (West Hollywood!). Its a really great location – we love how it feels really residential and homely in West Hollywood, yet you’re always just a block or two away from something exciting!

We woke up early Thursday and went for a walk into West Hollywood, making a little stop at the awesome Whole Foods shop (well, we found it exciting anyway, its huge and full of yummy food!) only to realise we were shopping right alongside Jessie Tyler Ferguson (who plays Mitchell in ‘Modern Family’). One of us got hugely excited about this, and one of us played it very cool. Can you guess which one of us hyperventilated?! Hehe :) (Ok I got a bit excited…Modern Family is one of my favourites :)… Sera)

Later that day, we went to get in our car and realised IT WAS GONE!! But the problem was, we couldn’t really remember what it looked like…or where we left it…. which meant about 2 hours of wondering around trying to find where it was…. turns out, it had been towed :( (Note to self, don’t park there if the pavement is red….doh!)

Anyway, that night we went out to a very cool party with lots of people from the TV, film and advertising industry and saw some really really great bands play…. we mean it, really REALLY great… we realised that the standard of musicianship here is just crazy..everyone is outstanding. We decided to take it as inspiration rather than a sign we should run away back to the UK and pretend we were never here ;)

Mary+Lambert+2014+LA+Gay+Pride+Festival+Day+FIZD_uAX8UrlFriday we hit Santa Monica beach which was just gorgeous, and in the evening we found out it was the start of the LA Pride celebrations back in West Hollywood, where we saw Mary Lambert perform… (if you don’t know her, she’s the girl who sang and wrote the chorus on the Macklemore song ‘same love’). It was just her and a piano, very intimate, and we absolutely loved her set…she’s got a gorgeous voice and she really has something to say about body image, being yourself etc etc… she’s our kinda lady! Look out for her album, coming out later this year.

The weekend we spent relaxing and getting acclimatised (sunburnt!), and Sunday morning we got to experience the unforgettable LA Pride Parade! It was so inspiring to see so many people out there just being themselves and celebrating it to the highest degree! What an amazing day :)


After recovering from the weekend, earlier this week we decided to go for a little walk….you know, flip flops, bit of sunscreen, a gentle walk around the neighbourhood… This somehow turned into us hiking  (rock-climbing?) up Runyon Canyon, via one of the most dangerous tracks (that nobody else seems to use)…wearing £1 primark flip-flops!! It was *somewhat* dangerous…. but when we got to the top (covered in dirt, sweating and exhausted) boy did we feel goooood!!

Frankie half way up Runyon CanyonHere’s a pic of Frankie half way up!

On Wednesday we met up with the legendary Wayne Vaughn to chat about our gig on 19th July at The Mint, as he is producing the show for us! He’s managed to sort us out with some really exciting musicians to play with at this gig :) If you’re based in CA and would like to come along, you can get tickets here. Its a charity fundraiser for Better Vision for Children (Stevie Wonder’s charity)! We’ll be posting lots more info on here soon!

In the evening we went to our first ever LA Red Carpet event!! How posh…we hear you say…. Only sera and frankie on way to red carpet eventthing was, we got a bit lost trying to find the place and ended up sneaking in the back door, which meant we MISSED THE RED CARPET!! Haha…. yes…. that did actually happen….

But anyway, we met up with Wayne and his family, which was so lovely because they are all so beautiful, friendly, talented and they totally welcomed us. Wayne’s wife is the amazing Wanda Vaughn, of the Emotions, who has been one of our vocal inspirations for many years (have you ever tried to sing along to ‘Best of My Love’? She’s one of the best female singers ever!), so it was really lovely to meet her and we’re looking forward to spending more time with these guys and learning all we can from them!


Lots more to come – we are still finding it hard to believe we are going to be here for 3 months!!! Its so exciting and we can’t wait to see what life has in store!

Look out for more details on our gig at The Mint coming soon!


Much love to you all

Sera & Frankie





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Our latest news



We just wanted to check in and say hi – we’ve been a bit quiet lately just as we’ve been going through all sorts of changes… but yes, we are indeed still alive and well, thanks to all of you who have been in touch! Its lovely to know you care and your messages have been greatly appreciated :)

So who wants to hear our news?  The super exciting news is,  we have been given the opportunity to go over to LOS ANGELES for the Summer and do some more writing & recording with some really exciting new contacts – including the amazing Wayne Vaughn of Earth, Wind & Fire fame!! WE ARE SO EXCITED! We’re leaving next Wednesday 4th June, and won’t be back til September!

So this means a few things…..

1) Sadly, the boys Allan, Russ and Wayne have got loads going on here in the UK and we found it very hard to get things moving as the 5 of us, so the boys have decided to take a break from Unsung Lilly and let us girls take the reigns with this trip to LA so we can keep on pushing forward with our mission to get the world fully ‘lillied’ :) We’re really sad about this but sadly its just a case of time restraints and having all sorts of commitments that didn’t really work alongside being in a band, and we all seemed to want different things for the future. So we’re carrying on just as the 2 of us for now and will perhaps find new band members in LA or reconnect with the others when we are back. Its not going to be the same, but we’re soldiering on and excited about whats going to come next.

2) We are going to miss out on all of our usual UK Summer festivals which we are so sad about, including Weyfest, which has been advertised already. So sorry to anyone who was planning on coming along to see us! We will be back in the Autumn though and ready to rock!

3) For those of you based in LA, we’ve just booked our first date – Sat 19th July at The Mint, in aid of Better Vision for Children (who Stevie Wonder is the patron of)- we’d LOVE to see you there! We’ll hopefully be doing a few more California based gigs too, to be announced

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on what we are up to. We’re also hoping that we’ll still be able to raise money somehow to do a smaller version of our ‘just Be’ campaign tour/workshops and are currently working on a plan – we’ll keep ya informed!

Much love to you all and thanks so much for supporting us

Sera & Frankie xx



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Our Just Be Campaign

Hello everyone!

Sadly we did not meet our goal of raising enough money to put together our ‘Just Be’ workshop tour :( We’re really sad about this but we are so so grateful to everyone who contributed money, and got involved by making videos, sharing the link, writing blogs etc. Even though we didn’t raise the funds, all of us (including you!) managed to raise a whole load of awareness for a subject that affects billions of people all over the world, so thank you. Over the past 40 days or so we’ve been inundated with messages from people who have said they’ve been inspired by what we are doing, and really thats what counts!

As for our workshops, we’re thinking of other ways of how to make them happen, perhaps on a smaller scale, so watch this space for updates on that.

Thanks so much to everyone for the support – what an amazing campaign it has been!

Love to you all

Sera & Frankie xx

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Only 20 hours to go!!

Unsung lilly Just Be Campaign logo

There are just 20 hours to go for our Just Be Campaign! We’ve been working hard to raise funds to put together our self esteem themed music workshop tour, where we will be working in conjunction with Stevie Wonder’s charity ‘Better Vision For Children’!

We’ve had some amazing support from so many of you, and for that we are so grateful! If we don’t raise the goal amount, sadly all the money has to go back and we won’t be able to run the workshops, so please do all you can to help us in this last 20hours – contribute all you can, share the link http://www.JustBeCampaign.com on your facebook and twitter, and email as many people as you can and help spread the word!

Much love


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Unsung Lilly to collaborate with Stevie Wonder’s ‘Better Vision for Children’ charity

ImageWe are excited to announce that the charity ‘Better Vision For Children’ (who’s patron is the one and only Stevie Wonder!!!) have taken note of our #JustBeCampaign and will be collaborating with us in the form of performing free children’s visions screenings at each of our California workshops! BVC are a charity for preventing blindness in children, and they tell us that their aim is to test as many young children in the US as possible, because most vision related illnesses are completely curable if detected from an early age. As an addition, we will also be performing at a BVC charity fundraising benefit in California, with other special guests (to be announced!), during the weeks of our workshop tour in June.

We are so excited to be teaming up with this charity! Now not only will we be promoting self esteem and self acceptance but we will also be working with BVC to promote their amazing work of preventing blindness and death (eye cancer) in children.


So, please get your contributions in for our #JustBeCampaign – even if you can only afford $1, it will make a huge difference. The way this campaign works is if we don’t raise the goal amount, we sadly won’t be able to do the tour and all the money contributed so far will go back to those who funded it – so please help us reach our goal by contributing here http://www.JustBeCampaign.com


Much love!

Sera & Frankie




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Frankie & Sera’s MakeUp Free Online Gig!


Wow what a few weeks we have had! Its been so exciting to see our #JustBeCampaign growing. We’ve had all sorts of amazing responses from you all, so thank you :) We still have a huge way to go before we raise the money (and only 19 days left eeeek!) so get your contributions in now! (www.justbecampaign.com if you didnt know!)

One thing thats been A-MAAAA-ZING has been that some very lovely ladies from Canada have been helping us promote the campaign by encouraging everyone they know to post us ‘make-up free’ selfies!! It been so inspiring and not just their friends but lots more people have caught on (we’ve been posting as many as we can on our facebook page and twitter!).

So…we thought… what can we do to take this to the next level? We’ve decided to put on a Make-Up Free online gig, tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 10.30p.m UK time!! In our PJs!!! (hehe) (this was originally scheduled for tonight but we’ve had to rearrange as we had a few technical issues with the sound)

We’d love for you to all tune in and watch. We’ve made it a ‘pay what you can’ deal (so you can even just pay a few cents/pence) but all money we raise will go towards our campaign

Excited? We are! Get your tickets and tune in here: https://www.stageit.com/unsung_lilly/sera_and_frankie_s_pajama_party/35189

See you then! (And if you’re feeling brave enough send us your own make-up free selfie!!)

Sera & Frankie


P.S Want to see some of these gorgeous make up free faces? We thought so! Check it out:

Alex Alyssa and Stephanie Gina and Dee Kelly Melissa, Jaja, Tabitha nicki Shannon Tash unknown name unknown name2

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Just be, Rollercoaster Rides and Love


Thanks to Shannon for this lovely post on our #JustBeCampaign!!

Originally posted on beatms's Blog:

It has been a crazy few months. So many things have happened, it will be tough to keep ANY kind of flow to this blog post.

I spoke to a friend about my blog, my love for writing……and my new found lack of confidence in writing. I’m not a “polished” writer. My writing is very raw and depending on how passionate I am …. Full of grammatical errors…. Etc.

I’ve come to the realization that this blog is my OWN expression on various things, if you know me? It’s got my stamp all over it. Lol

Excuse my errors and read it with your heart, because it is written with mine.

My recent posts have been on beauty, self acceptance, self love. It has taken me on a journey. I can hear the “clickity clack” of the Rollercoaster. A ride bringing me to face my fears, showing me pure excitement…

View original 486 more words

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Meet….Leyah Shanks

We have met some AMAZING people in this past week or so as we’ve been promoting our #JustBeCampaign…(Our campaign to raise money for us to do a tour of ‘self acceptance’ themed music workshops) When we met this rather inspirational lady on twitter we knew we just HAD to feature her on our blog!! And we’d highly recommend getting hooked up to all of Leyahs twitter feeds/instagram because she’s got some fabulous content on there.
So…everyone, we are excited to introduce to you…. the gorgeous and very beautiful Leyah Shanks
Leyah Shanks
So Leyah, we came across your amazing work via twitter as you were active in tweeting about Eating Disorder Awareness Week (#ADAW2014). Can you tell us a bit more about what you do?
Well, about a year ago now I launched The Body Confidence Revolution (TBCR) which is a body positivity blog that celebrates bodies of ALL kinds. I come across a lot of people and/or campaigns who claim to promote body confidence but yet only speak for a certain body type. By doing this, you exclude a large percentage of people. Thus eliminating the whole point of trying to make people feel good about themselves. What’s the point in bashing one to bring up the other? Body confidence and body positivity means EVERYONE feeling at home in their own skin instead of trapped in it. Therefore, The Body Confidence Revolution displays real life in ALL its forms. Both genders are represented (although it’s a little bit harder to find stuff for men as it is women), it shows people of all ages which I feel is SO important – we’re not ALL in our twenties! All ethnicities are represented as I feel there is still an element of inequality when it comes to that area. Then there’s things like ‘cellulite’, stretch marks, pregnancy, scars, skin conditions like vitiligo, amputees and disabled models and everything else in between that make us amazing as individuals.
I use social media as well to promote TBCR and generally speak about relevant stuff. I like to keep track of all of the relevant news stories relating to body image and share them with my followers. I like to gauge their reactions and get people talking about it. I use it to share inspirational quotes, images and thoughts too. I also host #BodyConfidenceHour on Twitter. This is an hour of total body positivity. I feel this is a very important thing as there is SO much negativity floating around on social networks. I see so many people not just putting themselves down but also putting other people down. It’s not good and I’m trying to change it. I come up with the agenda for #BodyConfidenceHour, sometimes with help from my followers, before it’s then posted on TBCR. I love doing it and it’s gone from strength to strength since I started doing it in May last year. I’ve had participation from well known figures and brands including Aerie who recently started their own #aerieREAL campaign which was awesome.
I also model to advocate my own message. The thought behind it is, if I’m not scared of my body then hopefully I can bring out the same feelings in other people.
Why do you think Body Confidence is such an important subject to be discussing?
I suffered a lot at the hands of my own body image and self esteem from a very young age. I was subject to bullying from around the age of six or seven which had an adverse effect on the way I saw myself. I was always taller than everyone else, including the teachers in my Primary School. I developed very early on and so had the body of a woman when all of the other girls were yet to hit that stage. I stuck out like a sore thumb basically. I looked to magazines for solace. Big mistake. At that point, there wasn’t any emphasis on displaying bodies and/or girls of different shapes and sizes. I would flick through page after page after page looking for just one model who had a body even remotely like mine. I never found any. Eventually, the subliminal message crept its way into my brain and I started to think ‘why don’t I look like that? Everyone else does. Is there something wrong with me?’ At this point I wasn’t aware of Photoshop and its capabilities, the fact that models are hired BECAUSE of the way they look, this including the fact they are very slim and that a lot of them probably aren’t feeding or looking after themselves properly and are quite possibly ill.
From my own experiences, I know first hand how it feels to hate your body. To always be comparing yourself to other people, wishing you looked like them instead of you. There are so many aspects to the subject but to me, it simply boils down to; spreading positivity instead of negativity. Magazines, retailers and designers using models of all shapes and sizes. Photoshop being banned from publications all around the world. Children and young people being educated about the fashion and modelling industries and being taught about the different forms we come in. I have a ten year old cousin and the thought of her going through what I went through scares me to death.
1552850_3665522253678_1636311506_nWe have found it hugely inspiring to hear feedback from people who have found our ‘Just Be’ message has helped them, do you have any stories of how your own work has helped individuals?
What I do isn’t a be all and end all. I don’t promise people that if they come to me and visit TBCR that they will instantly love themselves. I simply provide a platform which represents everybody, share a few pearls of wisdom and spread positivity in the hope that people will have a rethink about the way they see themselves. I do get a lot of tweets and emails though from people telling me that what I do has really had an impact on how they view themselves and how they think about certain things. I had an email from a 14 year old boy who shared his story with me which was very hard to hear but he also told me that TBCR has really given him a stepping stone to feeling happy in his own skin. It makes it all worthwhile when people take the time to write to you.
There’s a lot in the media about ‘redefining what beauty is’ – do you think this is important and how do you think we can all go about doing that?
I would say it’s important in the sense that we really do need to change what society defines as beautiful. Everybody has their own preferences in terms of what they’re attracted to but in terms of the fashion industry, magazines and mainstream advertising (to name a few) beauty only comes in one form. It doesn’t. Beauty comes in ENDLESS forms. We need to stop shaming things like ‘cellulite’ and stretch marks for example because these are real things that real people have. Just because you can Photoshop something out doesn’t mean it’s not real. These things tell a story about that person and what they’ve been through or achieved in life. I think that’s pretty beautiful.
How have you personally developed your own body confidence?

I was bullied from a very young age and it’s taken me a long time to get to where I am now. There are times when I thought I was really happy in my own skin but looking back now I know I wasn’t. I think I was just trying to convince myself that I should be. People always ask me how I got so confident and how I got over my own self esteem issues. I struggle to pin point when it all changed for me. I think the best way I could put it would be ‘growing up’. As I got older I started to learn. I learnt about Photoshop and how the majority of things we see in the media are indeed edited to within an inch of their life and that only models of a certain size are booked for magazines/shows/advertising. I learnt that a lot of models are actually ill and have pushed their bodies to the limits. I learnt that actually, bodies come in more than one type and that that was a lot more interesting than the relentless portrayal of every single woman on the planet being over six feet tall and a size eight. Yes there are women out there who are naturally slim and tall, but not every single one of us is! A culmination of these things coupled with support from friends and family helped me become the confident person I am today. I am by no means finished on my own confidence journey though. I am still learning but as I’m doing so I’m trying to help other people do the same.

Where can we keep in touch with you? (website,twitter etc)
You can find The Body Confidence Revolution here: bodyconfidencerevolution.tumblr.com (if people want to be featured they can submit their own images, quotes, videos ect using the tab at the top!)
I’m on twitter @IAMLEYAHSHANKS and TBCR has its own account too @BConfidenceRev.
I’m also on Instagram – iamleyahshanks.
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Jared Leto dedicates his Oscar to those who are unable to ‘be themselves’

After we posted the inspirational speech from Lupita Nyong’o yesterday, a few of you have been in touch to let us know about this one too…. the #JustBe theme is EVERYWHERE!! So we thought we’d better post it!!

Check out Jared Leto’s acceptance speech at the Oscars a few nights ago…. at the end he dedicates the award ‘to anyone who has ever felt injustice because of who you are, or who you love’.

Nice one Mr Leto! :) Great to see such amazing support for this cause!

If you haven’t yet, please do check out and contribute to http://www.JustBeCampaign.com to help us put together our workshop tour!

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