Our Just Be Campaign

Hello everyone!

Sadly we did not meet our goal of raising enough money to put together our ‘Just Be’ workshop tour :( We’re really sad about this but we are so so grateful to everyone who contributed money, and got involved by making videos, sharing the link, writing blogs etc. Even though we didn’t raise the funds, all of us (including you!) managed to raise a whole load of awareness for a subject that affects billions of people all over the world, so thank you. Over the past 40 days or so we’ve been inundated with messages from people who have said they’ve been inspired by what we are doing, and really thats what counts!

As for our workshops, we’re thinking of other ways of how to make them happen, perhaps on a smaller scale, so watch this space for updates on that.

Thanks so much to everyone for the support – what an amazing campaign it has been!

Love to you all

Sera & Frankie xx

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Only 20 hours to go!!

Unsung lilly Just Be Campaign logo

There are just 20 hours to go for our Just Be Campaign! We’ve been working hard to raise funds to put together our self esteem themed music workshop tour, where we will be working in conjunction with Stevie Wonder’s charity ‘Better Vision For Children’!

We’ve had some amazing support from so many of you, and for that we are so grateful! If we don’t raise the goal amount, sadly all the money has to go back and we won’t be able to run the workshops, so please do all you can to help us in this last 20hours – contribute all you can, share the link http://www.JustBeCampaign.com on your facebook and twitter, and email as many people as you can and help spread the word!

Much love


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Unsung Lilly to collaborate with Stevie Wonder’s ‘Better Vision for Children’ charity

ImageWe are excited to announce that the charity ‘Better Vision For Children’ (who’s patron is the one and only Stevie Wonder!!!) have taken note of our #JustBeCampaign and will be collaborating with us in the form of performing free children’s visions screenings at each of our California workshops! BVC are a charity for preventing blindness in children, and they tell us that their aim is to test as many young children in the US as possible, because most vision related illnesses are completely curable if detected from an early age. As an addition, we will also be performing at a BVC charity fundraising benefit in California, with other special guests (to be announced!), during the weeks of our workshop tour in June.

We are so excited to be teaming up with this charity! Now not only will we be promoting self esteem and self acceptance but we will also be working with BVC to promote their amazing work of preventing blindness and death (eye cancer) in children.


So, please get your contributions in for our #JustBeCampaign – even if you can only afford $1, it will make a huge difference. The way this campaign works is if we don’t raise the goal amount, we sadly won’t be able to do the tour and all the money contributed so far will go back to those who funded it – so please help us reach our goal by contributing here http://www.JustBeCampaign.com


Much love!

Sera & Frankie




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Frankie & Sera’s MakeUp Free Online Gig!


Wow what a few weeks we have had! Its been so exciting to see our #JustBeCampaign growing. We’ve had all sorts of amazing responses from you all, so thank you :) We still have a huge way to go before we raise the money (and only 19 days left eeeek!) so get your contributions in now! (www.justbecampaign.com if you didnt know!)

One thing thats been A-MAAAA-ZING has been that some very lovely ladies from Canada have been helping us promote the campaign by encouraging everyone they know to post us ‘make-up free’ selfies!! It been so inspiring and not just their friends but lots more people have caught on (we’ve been posting as many as we can on our facebook page and twitter!).

So…we thought… what can we do to take this to the next level? We’ve decided to put on a Make-Up Free online gig, tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 10.30p.m UK time!! In our PJs!!! (hehe) (this was originally scheduled for tonight but we’ve had to rearrange as we had a few technical issues with the sound)

We’d love for you to all tune in and watch. We’ve made it a ‘pay what you can’ deal (so you can even just pay a few cents/pence) but all money we raise will go towards our campaign

Excited? We are! Get your tickets and tune in here: https://www.stageit.com/unsung_lilly/sera_and_frankie_s_pajama_party/35189

See you then! (And if you’re feeling brave enough send us your own make-up free selfie!!)

Sera & Frankie


P.S Want to see some of these gorgeous make up free faces? We thought so! Check it out:

Alex Alyssa and Stephanie Gina and Dee Kelly Melissa, Jaja, Tabitha nicki Shannon Tash unknown name unknown name2

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Just be, Rollercoaster Rides and Love


Thanks to Shannon for this lovely post on our #JustBeCampaign!!

Originally posted on beatms's Blog:

It has been a crazy few months. So many things have happened, it will be tough to keep ANY kind of flow to this blog post.

I spoke to a friend about my blog, my love for writing……and my new found lack of confidence in writing. I’m not a “polished” writer. My writing is very raw and depending on how passionate I am …. Full of grammatical errors…. Etc.

I’ve come to the realization that this blog is my OWN expression on various things, if you know me? It’s got my stamp all over it. Lol

Excuse my errors and read it with your heart, because it is written with mine.

My recent posts have been on beauty, self acceptance, self love. It has taken me on a journey. I can hear the “clickity clack” of the Rollercoaster. A ride bringing me to face my fears, showing me pure excitement…

View original 486 more words

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Meet….Leyah Shanks

We have met some AMAZING people in this past week or so as we’ve been promoting our #JustBeCampaign…(Our campaign to raise money for us to do a tour of ‘self acceptance’ themed music workshops) When we met this rather inspirational lady on twitter we knew we just HAD to feature her on our blog!! And we’d highly recommend getting hooked up to all of Leyahs twitter feeds/instagram because she’s got some fabulous content on there.
So…everyone, we are excited to introduce to you…. the gorgeous and very beautiful Leyah Shanks
Leyah Shanks
So Leyah, we came across your amazing work via twitter as you were active in tweeting about Eating Disorder Awareness Week (#ADAW2014). Can you tell us a bit more about what you do?
Well, about a year ago now I launched The Body Confidence Revolution (TBCR) which is a body positivity blog that celebrates bodies of ALL kinds. I come across a lot of people and/or campaigns who claim to promote body confidence but yet only speak for a certain body type. By doing this, you exclude a large percentage of people. Thus eliminating the whole point of trying to make people feel good about themselves. What’s the point in bashing one to bring up the other? Body confidence and body positivity means EVERYONE feeling at home in their own skin instead of trapped in it. Therefore, The Body Confidence Revolution displays real life in ALL its forms. Both genders are represented (although it’s a little bit harder to find stuff for men as it is women), it shows people of all ages which I feel is SO important – we’re not ALL in our twenties! All ethnicities are represented as I feel there is still an element of inequality when it comes to that area. Then there’s things like ‘cellulite’, stretch marks, pregnancy, scars, skin conditions like vitiligo, amputees and disabled models and everything else in between that make us amazing as individuals.
I use social media as well to promote TBCR and generally speak about relevant stuff. I like to keep track of all of the relevant news stories relating to body image and share them with my followers. I like to gauge their reactions and get people talking about it. I use it to share inspirational quotes, images and thoughts too. I also host #BodyConfidenceHour on Twitter. This is an hour of total body positivity. I feel this is a very important thing as there is SO much negativity floating around on social networks. I see so many people not just putting themselves down but also putting other people down. It’s not good and I’m trying to change it. I come up with the agenda for #BodyConfidenceHour, sometimes with help from my followers, before it’s then posted on TBCR. I love doing it and it’s gone from strength to strength since I started doing it in May last year. I’ve had participation from well known figures and brands including Aerie who recently started their own #aerieREAL campaign which was awesome.
I also model to advocate my own message. The thought behind it is, if I’m not scared of my body then hopefully I can bring out the same feelings in other people.
Why do you think Body Confidence is such an important subject to be discussing?
I suffered a lot at the hands of my own body image and self esteem from a very young age. I was subject to bullying from around the age of six or seven which had an adverse effect on the way I saw myself. I was always taller than everyone else, including the teachers in my Primary School. I developed very early on and so had the body of a woman when all of the other girls were yet to hit that stage. I stuck out like a sore thumb basically. I looked to magazines for solace. Big mistake. At that point, there wasn’t any emphasis on displaying bodies and/or girls of different shapes and sizes. I would flick through page after page after page looking for just one model who had a body even remotely like mine. I never found any. Eventually, the subliminal message crept its way into my brain and I started to think ‘why don’t I look like that? Everyone else does. Is there something wrong with me?’ At this point I wasn’t aware of Photoshop and its capabilities, the fact that models are hired BECAUSE of the way they look, this including the fact they are very slim and that a lot of them probably aren’t feeding or looking after themselves properly and are quite possibly ill.
From my own experiences, I know first hand how it feels to hate your body. To always be comparing yourself to other people, wishing you looked like them instead of you. There are so many aspects to the subject but to me, it simply boils down to; spreading positivity instead of negativity. Magazines, retailers and designers using models of all shapes and sizes. Photoshop being banned from publications all around the world. Children and young people being educated about the fashion and modelling industries and being taught about the different forms we come in. I have a ten year old cousin and the thought of her going through what I went through scares me to death.
1552850_3665522253678_1636311506_nWe have found it hugely inspiring to hear feedback from people who have found our ‘Just Be’ message has helped them, do you have any stories of how your own work has helped individuals?
What I do isn’t a be all and end all. I don’t promise people that if they come to me and visit TBCR that they will instantly love themselves. I simply provide a platform which represents everybody, share a few pearls of wisdom and spread positivity in the hope that people will have a rethink about the way they see themselves. I do get a lot of tweets and emails though from people telling me that what I do has really had an impact on how they view themselves and how they think about certain things. I had an email from a 14 year old boy who shared his story with me which was very hard to hear but he also told me that TBCR has really given him a stepping stone to feeling happy in his own skin. It makes it all worthwhile when people take the time to write to you.
There’s a lot in the media about ‘redefining what beauty is’ – do you think this is important and how do you think we can all go about doing that?
I would say it’s important in the sense that we really do need to change what society defines as beautiful. Everybody has their own preferences in terms of what they’re attracted to but in terms of the fashion industry, magazines and mainstream advertising (to name a few) beauty only comes in one form. It doesn’t. Beauty comes in ENDLESS forms. We need to stop shaming things like ‘cellulite’ and stretch marks for example because these are real things that real people have. Just because you can Photoshop something out doesn’t mean it’s not real. These things tell a story about that person and what they’ve been through or achieved in life. I think that’s pretty beautiful.
How have you personally developed your own body confidence?

I was bullied from a very young age and it’s taken me a long time to get to where I am now. There are times when I thought I was really happy in my own skin but looking back now I know I wasn’t. I think I was just trying to convince myself that I should be. People always ask me how I got so confident and how I got over my own self esteem issues. I struggle to pin point when it all changed for me. I think the best way I could put it would be ‘growing up’. As I got older I started to learn. I learnt about Photoshop and how the majority of things we see in the media are indeed edited to within an inch of their life and that only models of a certain size are booked for magazines/shows/advertising. I learnt that a lot of models are actually ill and have pushed their bodies to the limits. I learnt that actually, bodies come in more than one type and that that was a lot more interesting than the relentless portrayal of every single woman on the planet being over six feet tall and a size eight. Yes there are women out there who are naturally slim and tall, but not every single one of us is! A culmination of these things coupled with support from friends and family helped me become the confident person I am today. I am by no means finished on my own confidence journey though. I am still learning but as I’m doing so I’m trying to help other people do the same.

Where can we keep in touch with you? (website,twitter etc)
You can find The Body Confidence Revolution here: bodyconfidencerevolution.tumblr.com (if people want to be featured they can submit their own images, quotes, videos ect using the tab at the top!)
I’m on twitter @IAMLEYAHSHANKS and TBCR has its own account too @BConfidenceRev.
I’m also on Instagram – iamleyahshanks.
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Jared Leto dedicates his Oscar to those who are unable to ‘be themselves’

After we posted the inspirational speech from Lupita Nyong’o yesterday, a few of you have been in touch to let us know about this one too…. the #JustBe theme is EVERYWHERE!! So we thought we’d better post it!!

Check out Jared Leto’s acceptance speech at the Oscars a few nights ago…. at the end he dedicates the award ‘to anyone who has ever felt injustice because of who you are, or who you love’.

Nice one Mr Leto! :) Great to see such amazing support for this cause!

If you haven’t yet, please do check out and contribute to http://www.JustBeCampaign.com to help us put together our workshop tour!

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Lupita Nyong’o of 12 years a Slave – #JustBeCampaign

We came across this video earlier from Lupita Nyong’o (who one her first Oscar last night for best supporting actress in ’12 Years A Slave’) accepting an award for ‘Best Breakthrough Performance’ at the seventh annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon (hosted by Essense magazine). What an inspiring speech! We’ll let you watch for yourselves, but in short, this is Lupita’s very emotional response to a young girl’s letter, regarding the perception of ‘Beauty’.

Absolutely brilliant speech and goes perfectly with our #JustBeCampaign too! (Check it out if you haven’t already!) :)

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A little update on our #JustBeCampaign

Unsung lilly Just Be Campaign logoSo we’ve had an exciting start to our #JustBeCampaign! Since we launched we have been inundated with requests for us to put on our #JustBe workshops in all sorts of locations in the US, and also within the UK too (which we definitely plan to do before we head to America in June!)

This morning we woke up to our biggest financial contribution yet, from Australia (thank you thank you thank you!), and we have had all sorts of messages from you all over the world saying how this subject of self acceptance has touched your hearts.

Researching and promoting the campaign has been a lot harder than we thought…inherently our attitude is always a positive one but its very difficult to stay positive when there are young girls on instagram posting about their self hatred and using #suicidal to draw attention to their photos…people with eating disorders who seem to be proud of their anorexia like its some sort of cool club they’ve joined and to see young girls actually encouraging each other to starve themselves… we knew that this was an important subject and one that affected everyone, but it seems as we get deeper and deeper into the campaign we uncover more and more the deeper darker depths of just how terribly people are effected by unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to body image but also in many other ways.

So its been tough, delving into the whole thing but also so uplifting to find SO many people who are working so hard to make a real change in the world’s attitude about this subject. In fact, we’ve met so many inspiring people this week, we’ve decided to invite a few guest bloggers to talk about their own experiences with ‘self acceptance’, so we shall be posting interviews and articles from them over the coming weeks too! (If you’d like to be involved please get in touch!)

Marylin - Just Be Campaign

If you haven’t contributed yet, please do! The way this campaign works is if we don’t raise our goal amount, we wouldn’t be able to do the workshop tour (and everyone gets their money back) so we really need your help to make this work! Even if its just $10 – if everyone who had watched the video so far gave $10 we’d already have reached our goal! http://www.JustBeCampaign.com is the link to contribute!

Anyway we are sending much love and thanks to the people who have contributed, posted about this, shared the link etc, we are SO grateful to you all!


Posting just a few pics to say thank you to everyone who has been sharing the campaign, sorry we can’t fit you all in here but here are a few lovely comments :)

Just Be Campaign comments Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.19.26 Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.19.43 Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.19.54 Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.20.08 Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.22.22 Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.25.51

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The Launch of our #JustBeCampaign

Unsung lilly Just Be Campaign logoWe have been working on this for AGES and we are SO excited to be launching our ‘Just Be Campaign’!!

Without further a’do, please check out www.JustBeCampaign.com to see all the details! We hope you’re gonna love this idea as much as we do!!

Ok…so if you’re reading on, you either haven’t clicked on the link yet (go on, dooo it!) or you’re so much of a big fan that you fancy reading more on this post anyway (and then of course, you’ll be clicking the link right? hehe). In which case, thank you! We’ll explain a little bit about what its about…

As you may know, we got a huge reception from our song ‘Just Be’, which was all about overcoming the pressures from society about the way we all should look/be. We have decided to take things a step further…

We’re planning on travelling around the US this Summer visiting schools, corporations, community centres etc and giving our very unique ‘Just Be’ workshops. We’ll be talking about our own journey with self acceptance and encouraging participants to do the same, and then we’ll be coming together as one large group and writing a song about the subject! We’ll be using the power of music to inspire people and build confidence, and will be encouraging a deeper sense of accepting ones-self.

The #JustBeCampaign page is set up in order for our lovely friends, fans and supporters to help fund this project

Exciting huh?

Did you know we all get fed 200 unrealistic body images every day, via the media? How crazy is that? But its not just about body image…. When we asked you a few weeks ago to send us videos about the subject of self acceptance, we got all sorts of responses regarding gender equality, sexuality, upbringing & cultural background, all sorts of different forms of bullying, as well as of course the big one ‘body image’ – these are all subjects that contribute to us all finding it hard to just accept & love ourselves the way we are. So we have worked all of these subjects into the campaign video, which you can either see at http://www.JustBeCampaign.com or watch below here:

Soooo…. please do contribute to the campaign in some way, be it financially or even just by sharing the http://www.JustBeCampaign.com link – we would be so grateful and we can’t wait to get going on this!!

As a side-note, we are hoping to do something similar in the UK and maybe Europe also – and looking into some sort of funding for that, but for now we are focussing on the US first as we got such a huge response from our ‘Just Be’ song there! So look out UK ;)

Much love to you all and thanks so much to everyone who’s gotten involved so far!

Sera, Frankie, Russ, Wayne & Allan


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