We are engaged!! To each other :)

Unsung Lilly rainbow

Yesterday was such an inspirational and emotional day…waking up to the news that the Supreme Court in America, had made same sex marriage a legal right Nationwide, is something we will never forget and is a piece of history that we know will be passed down through generations as a catalyst of change, for what is hopefully yet to come for the remaining parts of the world where same sex marriage is not legal or accepted.

It was hugely inspirational to us, especially because we have recently gotten engaged, to each other!!! Those of you who know us personally will know that this happened a few months ago…but out of courtesy & love to one or two people in our lives who are not yet 100% comfortable with the way the world is evolving in terms of same-sex relationships, we did not make this a public part of ‘who we are’ as Unsung Lilly. However, holding anything as deep, true and authentic as this back from ‘who we are’ as Unsung Lilly, meant it was very hard to ‘be’ anything at all. Holding back such a big part of yourself is not healthy or right for anybody, no matter who they are.  As artistes, that create and write music, its like a death sentence because it affects your ability to create anything that is truly real. And being strangled as a creator feels like there is this constant hurricane of energy that is blocked inside of you, raging to come out.

Unsung Lilly engagement

And so…. thank you America, for inspiring the world, and inspiring us!! Thank you for creating a Facebook news feed full of rainbows, it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for helping people to be themselves and accept who they are. Thank you for embracing change and most of all, embracing LOVE!! :) Love is love, its the purest and most wonderful entity this world will ever have, lets celebrate it!

‘It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love. It matters only that you love’ – John Lennon

Here’s a song that we wrote about real, true, authentic love <3

Much love, from a very happy & in love

Sera & Frankie

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Become a Patron of Unsung Lilly!!

now on patreon image

Hello to you lovely people!

Hope you are all well! We are excited to today be officially launching our Patreon page!! This is something we’ve been working on for a while…well, we’ve been thinking about it for a while anyway! We’ve had some success with crowd funding before (you guys funded a big chunk of the recording of our ‘BE’ album, on Pledge music, which we will be eternally grateful for!) and we really liked the vibe of Patreon and how its run….its all about supporting the creators. We think this is hugely important – the way the industry is changing/has already changed, creators these days at our level are not supported by their industry…and the sad thing is, if things carry on in this way, what will happen to music and new art? It will probably always be made, we hope… (we certainly couldn’t think of anything else we would be able to do if it wasn’t for music, so whatever happens, we’ll always be creating music in some way) but if creators are not supported, how will that effect the quality of what they can create?

Patreon is a really fantastic site that supports the people creating new art – whether it be music, cartoons, movies, blogs….. Its a little bit like kickstarter or pledge, but with this, music fans contribute a small amount of money ($1, or $3 for example) for every piece of content that your favorite artistes release. In our case, for every music video that we release.  We are giving away access to some awesome rewards, and the money we make will go towards helping us make better videos (right now we shoot everything on our iPhones and record the audio in our home studio), and will also go towards helping us get back into the recording studio with our live band and record some new music!!! (yay!)

There’s lots of info here on our Patreon page – and you can also watch this (rather silly) video that we made about it here:

We have a few goals, which you’ll see on the page, but our first one is to hit $150 per video. When we do that, we’re going to film a performance of a specially written ‘thank you’ song, shot on Santa Monica beach, featuring the names of every person who has contributed so far :) Hehe, sounds like it will be a giggle :)

Of course, our music videos will always be free to watch, but if you can contribute in any way to what we are doing it will help us massively to do things in a much bigger and better way, and we are so grateful for the people who have already pledged!! At the time of writing we are on $60 per video already, we LOVE YOU!!!

Much love to you all

Sera & Frankie

Unsung Lilly

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New video of our new live show!

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 17.17.26

Hello readers :)

So as some of you may know, we have been working hard recently developing a new style live show which features the loop pedal (and lots of instruments going through it!). This was something we decided to develop because whilst we love our live band, sometimes its not always practical to perform as a fully live band – so we wanted to develop something for smaller shows that still has the excitement/dynamics/vibe of a larger band. We must say, we kinda underestimated how tricky looping was!! It took as a good few weeks of rehearsing every day to get our new show put together, and a lot of brain work – but we’re really pleased with how its turned out :)

Anyway, so we wanted to show you all what we’ve been up to, so decided to record this video! ‘Time Changes Minds’ was the first song we ever wrote together, so we thought it would be a cool one to try and recreate with the pedal. Hope you enjoy it!

Please do like/comment/share this video and help us spread the word, if you like it that is!! :)

Much love and thanks so much for all your support!


Sera & Frankie

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Our new single!

We promised we would be releasing a new song, and ITS HERE! Hope you enjoy this… this is a little taster to a new sound that we’ve been experimenting with. First off we wanted to release a cover…and there are new original songs coming soon. We decided to record our own version of ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. We both felt like this was one of our favourite songs of last year, and we’ve been big fans of Sia for years, so we wanted to do pay tribute to it (and her!).

We hope you enjoy this! Between the two of us, we arranged it, produced it, played every instrument (OK, Frankie played most of them!!!), shot/directed/edited the video (that was mostly Sera!)….and the very lovely legendary producer (and friend of ours) Keith Parry mixed the audio for us (he rocks!!! Big time!!)

Soooo….here’s the video…. and if you like it, you can buy it!!! YAY! Or stream it! So please do :) And yes, you may notice that the video says you can buy it on iTunes but the link is to amazon – thats because iTunes for some reason haven’t released it yet but we are inpatient kinda gals so we wanted to share it with you all anyway!

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EXCITING NEWS: ‘BE’ Album Release

Be - Unsung Lilly - front cover

Hello to our lovely blog readers, friends and fans

Well…we have some news! Finally, after a long wait, our debut album BE has been released onto iTunes, Spotify, and all other digital retail stores. You can buy it here now:
Yes…we admit, its been some time coming, given that we recorded the album back in the Summer of 2013!! Those of you who have been following us long enough, will remember that we released the album via Pledge Music initially, and then via our website and sales at gigs, but it has never made it to world wide distribution until now.
So why now?! Well, good question! Things have definitely been a bit crazy for us over the last year – what with band line-up changes, crossing that rather large pond and heading over to Los Angeles, and a lot of different advice from various different industry people who very kindly said ‘we think you should do this’ and others who rather helpfully said ‘well we think you should do that’ – and there we were in the middle, saying….’ummm…so what should we actually do?!!’  This resulted in us ending up doing nothing at all!
We recently remembered how proud we are of this album, and realised how sad it was that it was never ‘properly’ released. Every day we get tweets/messages/emails from people who have bought the album at our live shows, saying how much they enjoy it – which is such an amazing thing and we are so grateful to you for letting us know. Music industry people had a billion different views about it – from those who absolutely loved it, to telling us it is too long, to telling us its too multi-genre…but you know what? It is an artistic expression of us where we were at the time and we feel its exactly what we wanted it to be.
We’ve decided to take a bit of a new approach to things. We’ve decided to release more material moving forward…as much as we can in fact. The music industry is in an interesting state right now – a lot of people within the industry are freaking out because it has changed so much – where things will lead, we have no idea, but we’ve decided to embrace the fact that as todays independent artistes we are in the very positive position where we can take you all on a journey with us. We can take our fans through the whole process whilst we develop our music, and what an amazing experience that is as a listener. Its something that none of us ever really had the opportunity to do in the past (unless you were lucky enough to know a band personally) – due to the internet we can all now literally watch artistes and bands grow into whatever it is they are meant to become. How exciting! And actually doesn’t that make for a completely different and invigorating/inspiring new musical process for all of us whether we be artistes or listeners? Sounds great to us and we want nothing more than to share that with you all.
So our plan is this – BE is now released, and we will be releasing more new music very soon (in a matter of weeks!!). In fact we are planning on releasing as much new music as we can (as much as hopefully something new every couple of weeks, for the next few months). You can expect it to be a very real and true expression of where we are at right now, and we hope you enjoy growing with us over the coming months as we develop. Its going to be an exciting ride and we’re really looking forward to sharing with you what we’ve been working on.
Welcome to the new Unsung Lilly way!! Its going to be so much fun moving forward :) Sooooo, if you haven’t heard ‘BE’ yet, then enjoy! Please do buy it! And look out for a new very special cover song we are planning to release very soon..followed by more original music
Much love
Sera & Frankie
Unsung lilly
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Online gig TODAY! :)

Unsung lilly


We just wanted to let you know that we are performing an online streamed show today and we’d love for you all to join us!

The show is today at 8p.m GMT (thats midday PST for our US readers) on the rather wonderful website STAGE IT – we’d love for you to join us. We realise it sounds all crazy and technological, but its not difficult to join at all. Just click on this link and it should all be pretty simple.

Tickets are priced at ‘pay what you can’ :) So the idea is that you can tune in from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are at the time) and you’ll see us, streaming live from the comfort of our own home!! Fun huh?

We can’t wait to see you all!

Much love
Sera & Frankie

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Vote for Unsung Lilly in Hard Rock Rising!

We have been entered into #HardRockRising competition – which basically means we are in with the chance to perform live to 60,000 people in Barcelona!! Some of you may remember we got pretty far down the line with this last year in London, but this year we are in the Hollywood runnings! (Eeek!)

SO….how this works, is Hard Rock will be collecting votes for each of the 558 bands that have got to this stage….so WE NEED YOUR HELP! It only takes a second – just click this link and click ‘vote’ – Easy!


Also, the competition is also judged on how much activity goes on around the #HardRockRising hashtag on Facebook, twitter and instagram. So it would also really help us if you can post about us in the competition (and say all sorts of love things of course!) using the hashtag #hardrockrising

Thanks so much in advance – it would be a dream to get to Barcelona, but really we’re just excited to be involved and if we get to the next round it means we get to perform at Hard Rock Hollywood (which would be sooooo exciting!)

Love to you all and keep your eyes posted for announcements tomorrow of some new live dates, AND we’ll be posting long awaited new music in the next few weeks!

Busy lilies!!!

Lots of love from

Sera & Frankie

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We are staying in the USA for one year!

Here's a pic of us when we went to a party in the Hollywood Hills a few days ago

Here’s a pic of us when we went to a party in the Hollywood Hills a few days ago

Wowee…its been forever since we wrote our last blog, but hopefully you’ve all been following what we’ve been up to on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!

Our biggest news is….WE ARE STAYING IN LOS ANGELES FOR THE NEXT YEAR!! How exciting!!! We’re pleased to announce we have signed a management contract here in the US and will be spending the next 12 months touring, writing and recording!! We’ve also signed a management contract in the UK too – so we’re planning on hopefully travelling back and forth and getting some UK dates in the diary also – all to be announced very soon, but we’ll be based in Los Angeles while we carry on writing & recording with the awesome Wayne Vaughn of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Working with Wayne has been amazing so far… not only has he put together a mind-blowing band for our live show, he’s also produced the show, adding his own special brand of ‘Vaughn-funk’ :) Wayne’s main gig was Earth, Wind and Fire back in the day – but he’s also produced some amazing artistes. We seem to hear more stories every day but a few names like Stevie Wonder, Toto and the Jacksons have been casually mentioned!

The ‘Better Vision For Children’ benefit gig at The Mint was an unforgettable evening! We actually had to ‘pop back to England’ (as you do, haha) to do our visa interview, and everything (as it always seems to be in Lilly-land) happened last minute! We ended up being back in London for just over a week, and flying back to LA on the Thursday evening – straight back into rehearsals as soon as we were off the plane! We were exhausted – but so grateful because Wayne had put together the most amazing collection of LA’s session musicians you can imagine! These guys have played for Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire…just to name a few… and they sounded HOT! We will never forget the moment when we rushed to the studio after being on an 11 hour flight (somewhat delirious)…walked into a Hollywood rehearsal studios and heard this amazing band playing our music!! It was completely surreal…I don’t think you could wipe the smiles off our faces! :)

Our fabulous team of musicians at The Mint gig, and our manager Rus

Our fabulous team of musicians at The Mint gig, and our manager Rus

We also had the amazing Roy Brown on sound, who not only did sound for Earth, Wind and Fire also – but Janet Jackson and many other huge artistes. We have taken to calling Wayne ‘Daddy Vaughn’, as he looks after us so well…and Roy has now taken on the name ‘Uncle Roy’. Its been so amazing to be so welcomed and looked after by such music legends!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the gig and donated money to ‘Better Vision For Children’ – we are really excited to be working with this charity as they are doing fantastic work!

Anyway – video of the gig is coming in the next few days, so watch this space, and we’ll be announcing dates for the first leg of our US tour very soon!


Much love to you all, and thanks, as always, for all your support!

Sera & Frankie

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Our first week in Los Angeles

Soo….its been one whole week since we got here, and its gone soooooo fast!! We’ve been having all sorts of fun…mostly doing touristy things this week and getting settled rather than music stuff…although theres been a bit of that of course ;)

Check out this video which features all sorts of footage from our first week here!


We arrived last Wednesday late at night, and got settled in to our very cool apartment in WeHo (West Hollywood!). Its a really great location – we love how it feels really residential and homely in West Hollywood, yet you’re always just a block or two away from something exciting!

We woke up early Thursday and went for a walk into West Hollywood, making a little stop at the awesome Whole Foods shop (well, we found it exciting anyway, its huge and full of yummy food!) only to realise we were shopping right alongside Jessie Tyler Ferguson (who plays Mitchell in ‘Modern Family’). One of us got hugely excited about this, and one of us played it very cool. Can you guess which one of us hyperventilated?! Hehe :) (Ok I got a bit excited…Modern Family is one of my favourites :)… Sera)

Later that day, we went to get in our car and realised IT WAS GONE!! But the problem was, we couldn’t really remember what it looked like…or where we left it…. which meant about 2 hours of wondering around trying to find where it was…. turns out, it had been towed :( (Note to self, don’t park there if the pavement is red….doh!)

Anyway, that night we went out to a very cool party with lots of people from the TV, film and advertising industry and saw some really really great bands play…. we mean it, really REALLY great… we realised that the standard of musicianship here is just crazy..everyone is outstanding. We decided to take it as inspiration rather than a sign we should run away back to the UK and pretend we were never here ;)

Mary+Lambert+2014+LA+Gay+Pride+Festival+Day+FIZD_uAX8UrlFriday we hit Santa Monica beach which was just gorgeous, and in the evening we found out it was the start of the LA Pride celebrations back in West Hollywood, where we saw Mary Lambert perform… (if you don’t know her, she’s the girl who sang and wrote the chorus on the Macklemore song ‘same love’). It was just her and a piano, very intimate, and we absolutely loved her set…she’s got a gorgeous voice and she really has something to say about body image, being yourself etc etc… she’s our kinda lady! Look out for her album, coming out later this year.

The weekend we spent relaxing and getting acclimatised (sunburnt!), and Sunday morning we got to experience the unforgettable LA Pride Parade! It was so inspiring to see so many people out there just being themselves and celebrating it to the highest degree! What an amazing day :)


After recovering from the weekend, earlier this week we decided to go for a little walk….you know, flip flops, bit of sunscreen, a gentle walk around the neighbourhood… This somehow turned into us hiking  (rock-climbing?) up Runyon Canyon, via one of the most dangerous tracks (that nobody else seems to use)…wearing £1 primark flip-flops!! It was *somewhat* dangerous…. but when we got to the top (covered in dirt, sweating and exhausted) boy did we feel goooood!!

Frankie half way up Runyon CanyonHere’s a pic of Frankie half way up!

On Wednesday we met up with the legendary Wayne Vaughn to chat about our gig on 19th July at The Mint, as he is producing the show for us! He’s managed to sort us out with some really exciting musicians to play with at this gig :) If you’re based in CA and would like to come along, you can get tickets here. Its a charity fundraiser for Better Vision for Children (Stevie Wonder’s charity)! We’ll be posting lots more info on here soon!

In the evening we went to our first ever LA Red Carpet event!! How posh…we hear you say…. Only sera and frankie on way to red carpet eventthing was, we got a bit lost trying to find the place and ended up sneaking in the back door, which meant we MISSED THE RED CARPET!! Haha…. yes…. that did actually happen….

But anyway, we met up with Wayne and his family, which was so lovely because they are all so beautiful, friendly, talented and they totally welcomed us. Wayne’s wife is the amazing Wanda Vaughn, of the Emotions, who has been one of our vocal inspirations for many years (have you ever tried to sing along to ‘Best of My Love’? She’s one of the best female singers ever!), so it was really lovely to meet her and we’re looking forward to spending more time with these guys and learning all we can from them!


Lots more to come – we are still finding it hard to believe we are going to be here for 3 months!!! Its so exciting and we can’t wait to see what life has in store!

Look out for more details on our gig at The Mint coming soon!


Much love to you all

Sera & Frankie





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Our latest news



We just wanted to check in and say hi – we’ve been a bit quiet lately just as we’ve been going through all sorts of changes… but yes, we are indeed still alive and well, thanks to all of you who have been in touch! Its lovely to know you care and your messages have been greatly appreciated :)

So who wants to hear our news?  The super exciting news is,  we have been given the opportunity to go over to LOS ANGELES for the Summer and do some more writing & recording with some really exciting new contacts – including the amazing Wayne Vaughn of Earth, Wind & Fire fame!! WE ARE SO EXCITED! We’re leaving next Wednesday 4th June, and won’t be back til September!

So this means a few things…..

1) Sadly, the boys Allan, Russ and Wayne have got loads going on here in the UK and we found it very hard to get things moving as the 5 of us, so the boys have decided to take a break from Unsung Lilly and let us girls take the reigns with this trip to LA so we can keep on pushing forward with our mission to get the world fully ‘lillied’ :) We’re really sad about this but sadly its just a case of time restraints and having all sorts of commitments that didn’t really work alongside being in a band, and we all seemed to want different things for the future. So we’re carrying on just as the 2 of us for now and will perhaps find new band members in LA or reconnect with the others when we are back. Its not going to be the same, but we’re soldiering on and excited about whats going to come next.

2) We are going to miss out on all of our usual UK Summer festivals which we are so sad about, including Weyfest, which has been advertised already. So sorry to anyone who was planning on coming along to see us! We will be back in the Autumn though and ready to rock!

3) For those of you based in LA, we’ve just booked our first date – Sat 19th July at The Mint, in aid of Better Vision for Children (who Stevie Wonder is the patron of)- we’d LOVE to see you there! We’ll hopefully be doing a few more California based gigs too, to be announced

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on what we are up to. We’re also hoping that we’ll still be able to raise money somehow to do a smaller version of our ‘just Be’ campaign tour/workshops and are currently working on a plan – we’ll keep ya informed!

Much love to you all and thanks so much for supporting us

Sera & Frankie xx



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